30 November 2008

clippings #19

I get it! I've seen those little icons on sites and had no idea what to make of them. After reading through the class description and going to all the sites it's all coming together! Such an easy solution for something I've been trying to figure out too. For so long I've actually been just emailing myself site pages-don't laugh- in the hope of being able to find a page again later or not to use up the paper to print it all out. So many times I've wanted to show someone a page only to be unable to find it again. So this is a great help, only wish I'd known of it before , but then that's what this class is for isn't it?
I joined Delicious my link is below, I'm going to be busy adding. I chose this site because it seemed to give me more of an option about logging in and downloading something for my browser. Thanks Jennifer!!


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