05 December 2008

thunder and consolation

I'm packing up and moving over to take over my husband's blog
Thunder and Consolation.
I like the name better and let's face it, he's not the talker of the family. So it's mine and after I make a few little changes I shall be attempting a personal blog. Read boring everyday randomness into that with photos of course!

01 December 2008

Google slideshow

Took me awhile but here it is, nothing like a little pressure to get you moving!
May I present you with a slideshow of my autumn lunch time stroll.

so hungry! #25

Yummm! I confess to looking up recipes alot, even had to check one out to remind myself how to make something for Thanksgiving. And food blogs are an addiction of mine so this thing is a piece of cake!

First let's start with a recipe site I like. Search for what you are interested in making or they give you ideas. Then my favoutite part, they let everyone review it and offer alternative ideas to improve on the recipe. The you have the photos everyone can post which I always love to have when making something.


Now, this just so happens to be an amazing blog about a little bit of everything called life. Such a fun read (she's hilarious) and oh her photographs are just beautiful! Thank goodness she posts recipes too, she's like Google- one stop everything you need! Oh, so not healthy cooking by the way, lot o' butter. Just take a look at this apple dumpling recipe that calls for Mountain Dew.


And this is one of her recipes for baked acorn squash, it was soooo very good!

#26 RSVP

I used Google calender to RSVP to the class tomorrow. Still no email, strange, hope it's set up okay.
See you tomorrow everyone!

30 November 2008

Overdrive #21

Overdrive from the BPL is pretty straightforward and easy to use. I decided to download an audiobook and did have a little trouble getting it onto my player more than the actual download. The same for the ebooks. The idea of an ebook on my player is more appealing to me than actually using one. The screens are too small in my opinion to make it an easy or relaxing thing to do. The downloaded version on the computer itself I found fun. Instant book checked out to me and returned on time without any effort. I'm guessing it is comparable to the Kindle just less portable it being on my laptop. The advantage of having the access to the library and the growing collection anytime is amazing. Just as the option of changing the font, type size, colour of the text, etc. would be a huge advantage to many people. The uses and ability to open the library up to so many people with this is impressive.

this is a link to an audio download of the Magic Flute. Speaking to my son about how he used to love to listen to this one night then easily was able to log in to the BPL site and download it for a quick listen again!


And I was able to download this ebook for quick drink recipes- pictures and all!

clippings #19

I get it! I've seen those little icons on sites and had no idea what to make of them. After reading through the class description and going to all the sites it's all coming together! Such an easy solution for something I've been trying to figure out too. For so long I've actually been just emailing myself site pages-don't laugh- in the hope of being able to find a page again later or not to use up the paper to print it all out. So many times I've wanted to show someone a page only to be unable to find it again. So this is a great help, only wish I'd known of it before , but then that's what this class is for isn't it?
I joined Delicious my link is below, I'm going to be busy adding. I chose this site because it seemed to give me more of an option about logging in and downloading something for my browser. Thanks Jennifer!!


cool links



29 November 2008

Music #23

Loved this assignment! I tried a few searches on LastFM.com and liked the whole feel of the site. My husband and I both liked the idea of making what they are calling a quilt to add to your page. And I so wanted to like Seeqpod but I kept having trouble with it. Just wasn't as simple for me to figure out. After some frustration I did a search on Google (of course) and found Playlist.com. It's easy and has a social thing happening also so you can share your lists and comment, etc. Also can be added to your site which is nice. I don't know if they all have the ability (probably do) to have it as a pop-up player on your computer nice for when you are searching for things to do with your 2.0 class.