30 November 2008

Overdrive #21

Overdrive from the BPL is pretty straightforward and easy to use. I decided to download an audiobook and did have a little trouble getting it onto my player more than the actual download. The same for the ebooks. The idea of an ebook on my player is more appealing to me than actually using one. The screens are too small in my opinion to make it an easy or relaxing thing to do. The downloaded version on the computer itself I found fun. Instant book checked out to me and returned on time without any effort. I'm guessing it is comparable to the Kindle just less portable it being on my laptop. The advantage of having the access to the library and the growing collection anytime is amazing. Just as the option of changing the font, type size, colour of the text, etc. would be a huge advantage to many people. The uses and ability to open the library up to so many people with this is impressive.

this is a link to an audio download of the Magic Flute. Speaking to my son about how he used to love to listen to this one night then easily was able to log in to the BPL site and download it for a quick listen again!


And I was able to download this ebook for quick drink recipes- pictures and all!

clippings #19

I get it! I've seen those little icons on sites and had no idea what to make of them. After reading through the class description and going to all the sites it's all coming together! Such an easy solution for something I've been trying to figure out too. For so long I've actually been just emailing myself site pages-don't laugh- in the hope of being able to find a page again later or not to use up the paper to print it all out. So many times I've wanted to show someone a page only to be unable to find it again. So this is a great help, only wish I'd known of it before , but then that's what this class is for isn't it?
I joined Delicious my link is below, I'm going to be busy adding. I chose this site because it seemed to give me more of an option about logging in and downloading something for my browser. Thanks Jennifer!!


cool links



29 November 2008

Music #23

Loved this assignment! I tried a few searches on LastFM.com and liked the whole feel of the site. My husband and I both liked the idea of making what they are calling a quilt to add to your page. And I so wanted to like Seeqpod but I kept having trouble with it. Just wasn't as simple for me to figure out. After some frustration I did a search on Google (of course) and found Playlist.com. It's easy and has a social thing happening also so you can share your lists and comment, etc. Also can be added to your site which is nice. I don't know if they all have the ability (probably do) to have it as a pop-up player on your computer nice for when you are searching for things to do with your 2.0 class.

chat thing 20

Had a chance to chat with Jennifer online Wednesday night as I finished prepping for Thanksgiving dinner. Hopefully didn't catch her at a bad time considering the holiday and all. Love the chat feature and that it is included on Google- I mean really, Google is a wonderful one stop for all your needs place! No downloading for the chat which is a big bonus. My family has been trying to get everyone on one site but they all have their opinions of where and some require downloaded something which is always and I mean always a problem waiting to happen. I believe Jennifer did mention that most sites now don't require a download so I'm attempting to put the Google chat on a page to use, hopefully I can pull that off soon.
Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Twitter # 24

Really interesting idea, keeping up to date on everyone especially if they have to on the go technology traveling with them. My family would love it, lucky for me they don't know about it yet....shhhh.
It looks like you create an account and "follow" ? I haven't quite figured it out yet and am still learning. I should probably just sign up and search, add places to follow and figure it out like that.
Posting new or recently returned books could keep patrons very happy if the Twitter link to advertised to them. Along with the huge benefits of posting programs and possible cancelations.
I will have to spend more time with this, I want to check out other libraries around the country and their uses so far.

way back machine #22

The early BPL page-

While searching on the site for old shows I remember I got a bit lost....way too much time! Didn't find alot of stuff I would love to have but did find this Jefferson Starship download from BB Kings from a few years back.
Okay, so it's not the Airplane or an old show but hey I didn't get a chance to make it there and this is a fun site!

25 November 2008

wiki book thingy #18

Okay, I sure hope I did that right!! Trying to catch up and figure it all out has me a bit stressed out!! So I'm copying and pasting my booklist post here too just in case.

Hungry Planet What the World Eats by Peter Menzel and Faith D'Aluisio

One of my favourite books, offering up an interesting and beautiful perspective on how people from different parts of the world eat. I've always loved glimpses into how others live and this book offers it up with beautfiul photos of 30 different families from 24 countries. Each family is photographed with their groceries for the week and facts are given about the country and budgets. The differences of course are striking as are the similarities. I love love love this book and their other, Material World!


Bountiful blogs #17.2

Love all the sites everyone listed! Playing around and spending alot of time on them all. I especially like Book Mooch, cool idea maybe I'll have to set up an account of my own. Thing is I'm pretty slow at mailing anything out....bad news for folks waiting for Christmas presents!! I also am just in love with the whole idea of learning a language from a podcast, all available for free!!!

18 November 2008

classroom thing 17

Having a hard time with this one.
I would like to see the library use everything available online to help patrons. Dedicated online classroom computers, a schedule for them possibly?
Someplace for patrons to learn about all the resources available online and know that even though they have no access to a computer they have a place they can count on to access this. Wikiversity even has an online introduction to computers class to get the nervous started.
Wikiversity is a beautiful thing! From the random lessons on the opening page that grab your attention to the list of subjects and grade levels it would have been an amazing tool years ago while I was homeschooling my son. I would have just loved the help with his math lessons! With the ability to customize your courses and ask for online help I can truly appreciate the greatness of the internet.

Google docs #16

Had no idea about Google docs until now.
I'm not really too sure how often I would use them but I think the templates could come in handy if I remember they are there. Budgets, address labels and calendars are pretty useful things to be able to print out at work or home. Everyone in the office at one point or another has wanted one of these things and had no idea where to get them to print.
I am planning on trying my hand at the slide presentation. It could be a nice way to send photos to family. I'll post it if I am successful.

etsy #15

Etsy and Zazzle have done nothing to help me catch up on all the things I'm behind on! Great sites that I could get lost searching around on....and did!
For someone like me who is a photo junkie zazzle is amazing. I now have way too many ideas for projects I'd love to accomlish but probably won't. Trying to find just the right photo or which project first will be the problems that hold me back. But I do think I can at least manage personalized cards and stamps this Christmas!! The site seems easy enough to use and they are offering free shipping on stamps I believe right now- love free shipping!
Etsy is a present hunters dream. So many little shops to look around in, people offering to make personal items out of your photos here too. Nice personal little place I think, makes buying anything a nice experience. Return policies, shipping, everything seems set up to make it very easy. Christmas shopping time!

12 November 2008

Oh Boston you're my home... #14


Hope that link works. Since I'm playing catch up I'm a bit late for Halloween but just in time for Thanksgiving! I use Bostoncentral.com which I've used for a long time to check out local happenings. They specialize in things to do with kids which worked for me. You might have to sign up for a newsletter but it's free and easy to stop if you dislike it. All kinds of things to do during the changing seasons. This link by the way is for Thanksgiving Day at Old Sturbridge Village.

my shelf #13

Scary books?? How about this one? A favourite from ages past reading to my little boy....

I have also managed to put my shelfari shelf on here! It's really a nice way to keep track of my books. Any time I come across a book I want to read I just type it in and add it to my "to read" shelf. No more little pieces of paper all over the place and me trying to figure out the name of some book I saw someplace. Yep, I'm scary organized with my books now!!

It's a podworld #12

Wow! I've been a bit timid about a few things on the web and podcasts are one of them. But in the little time I have been trying to find more about them for this class I've been floored by all that I've been missing!!
There are pod and video casts for anything and everything I could want plus a whole lot I don't!
They seem an awful lot like online blogs in a way to me. Pick something you like and talk instead of write about it.
I can take a yoga class by pod, learn a language or some history, learn to cook, the list is amazing. So needless to say I'm very overwhelmed by this, I mean what to do first?! It truly is a whole new world.
I've been listening to a few with my husband but neither of us has downloaded one as of yet. So I love it all and will be playing with this for a long time to come! Now to pick one to link to on here it has to be this cool idea of downloading a walking tour of someplace you are headed on vacation! Amazingly cool idea I can't wait to try out!!


08 November 2008

Youtube #11

Funny little youtube video to remind the school kids to return their library books. I like whole concept, keeping it nice and fun to get the kids to remember it and get the books returned!