01 December 2008

so hungry! #25

Yummm! I confess to looking up recipes alot, even had to check one out to remind myself how to make something for Thanksgiving. And food blogs are an addiction of mine so this thing is a piece of cake!

First let's start with a recipe site I like. Search for what you are interested in making or they give you ideas. Then my favoutite part, they let everyone review it and offer alternative ideas to improve on the recipe. The you have the photos everyone can post which I always love to have when making something.


Now, this just so happens to be an amazing blog about a little bit of everything called life. Such a fun read (she's hilarious) and oh her photographs are just beautiful! Thank goodness she posts recipes too, she's like Google- one stop everything you need! Oh, so not healthy cooking by the way, lot o' butter. Just take a look at this apple dumpling recipe that calls for Mountain Dew.


And this is one of her recipes for baked acorn squash, it was soooo very good!

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